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    Where is Link Cordoba Hostel located?

    Hostel in Cordoba Capital, Argentina. Our address is Jujuy 267, Centro de Cordoba. We are situated around the corner from La Canada, one block from the main avenue, Av. Colon.

    You are able to see our location in this map of Cordoba or find us in Google Plus.

    · How do I arrive from the bus terminal?

    · How do I arrive from the airport?

  • 2

    How can I contact the hostel?

    You can contact us in the following ways:

    · e-mail:

    · Telephone: +54 351 4216903

    · Skype: linkcordobahostel

    · MSN:

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    What hours is the hostel open?

    Link Cordoba Hostel is open 24 hours. As security is our number one priority for our guests, we close the front door at night and a receptionist will be available to answer the door if you wish to arrive later.

  • 4

    When are the check-in and check-out times?

    Check in is at 13:00 and Checkout is at 11:00.

    In the case that your bus is leaving at night or if you need to stay a few hours more we are happy to accomodate you until your departure. We only ask that you checkout of your room by 11:00 so we are able to clean and prepare the room for the next guest.

    You will be able to arrive at the hostel any hour of the day and night, but you will have to wait until 13:00 to check-in to your room. For this reason, we have a secure locked room to leave your bags while you wait or leave to explore the city.

  • 5

    What is included in the price of my room?

    Our prices include sheets, breakfast (homemade bread, cake, yogurt, cereal, and more), wifi, guest computers, lockers and sometimes free entrance to the best clubs in Cordoba.

    The private suites include towels and several have private bathrooms.

  • 6

    What activities, tours, and excursions are there to do in Cordoba?

    The magic of Cordoba can be found in the nearby Sierras where you will be able to go on cave excursions, stunning hikes, horsebackriding and asado eating with the Gauchos, rock climbing on some of the best routes in Argentina, or feel the adrenaline rush of Paragliding or Skydiving (one of the cheapest and safest places to jump in S.A). We are very close to the house of Che Guevara which they have transformed into a historical museum.

    Here you can find promotions with excursions included.

  • 7

    What interesting events can I take advantage of in Cordoba?

    There are tons of events going on throught the year such as Oktoberfest, Cosquin Rock 2013, Halloween en el Pungo 2012, Fiestas Bubamara, Bizarren Miusik Parti, among many others..

    To discover more about our events just send us a message.

  • 8

    What tourist attractions are near Link Cordoba Hostel?

    We are located in the center of Cordoba and very happy to say we are near many locations of interest starting with the historic center of Cordoba. Here we offer a City Tour para conocer Cordoba caminando sus calles.

    From Link Cordoba Hostel you can easily get to main museums of interes, theaters, and art galleries.

    If you are looking for top-notch night light, we are only 8 blocks away from Nueva Cordoba, which is buzzing of University students, bars, and clubs.

    If you are looking for a break from the city and in need for some natural beauty and outdoor activities, we are only a fourty minute bus ride from the top of the Sierras Mountain Range, behind a waterfall, or swimming in a lake. The options are endless, there is something for everyboyd!

    · Here you can watch a video to discover the magic of Cordoba!

    · Here you can find more tourist information about Cordoba.

  • 9

    Are there parking garages close?

    We are located in the center of Cordoba, a half blcok from the hostel you will be able to find various options to park your car, some charge per hour, other per day. The prices are approximately 10 pesos per hour or 50 pesos minimum per day.

  • 10

    Will I be able to lock my baggage in the hostel after check-out? Will I abe able to lock my baggage in the hostel before check-in?

    Of COURSE you can! We have a locked room to leave your luggage in as well as lockers included in the price to lock your passports, computers, and any other important items. We recommend that you bring a lock to use, if not we sell them for $15 pesos.

  • 11

    Can I leave my bag locked in the hostel for a day after my check-out?

    If you book with us for when you return to Cordoba, you can leave your luggage in our secure deposit for up to two weeks without a charge!

  • 12

    How much does it cost to use the internet?

    Nothing, it is free along with our Wi-Fi! We also have guest computers that you are free to use when you like.

  • 13

    Is it safe to dance Cuarteto?

    We have tours to enjoy the Cordobese dance, Cuarteto, like a Cordobese without any problems! Come with us to experience the legend, La Mona Jimenez and learn to dance the famed dance!

  • 14

    Why is it cheaper to reserve online?

    We encourage our guests to reserve online, therefore we offer an incentive.

  • 15

    What forms of payment do you accept?

    Cash. We accept dollars, reales, and argentinian pesos and there is an atm less than a block away. We are also located close to the Curreny Exchange Companies or we can exchange the above types of currency as well.

  • 16

    What are the cancelation policies?

    To cancel your reservation, please advise us through email at - 48 hours before check-in.

  • 17

    What happens if I do not cancel my reservation in time?

    If you do not come to Link Cordoba Hostel or advise us 48 hours before check-in, we have to charge the first night and cancel the restof the reservation. Please, if you have any questions or problems, email us at o teléfono -+54-351-4216903.

  • 18

    Do you have an age restriction?

    No. Everone from age 0 to 102 are welcome at Link Cordoba Hostel! However, minors under the age of 18 must come with their parents or bring an authorized note.

  • 19

    I am in love with Cordoba and I want to live in Link for a month or more, how can you make my dream come true?

    Send us an email with the details of your arrival, how much time you would like to spend with us, and what type of room you are interested in. Look for a reply in 25 hours!.


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